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F-4 Phantom Chair

Become the proud owner of the most distinctive chair in existence.  Mach 2 

Designs presents the Phantom Chair. These fine ejection seat chairs have been completely demilitarized for your pleasure from original Martin-Baker Aircraft Co. Mk. H-7 F4 Phantom II ejection seats.

The ejection seats were originally produced by Martin-Baker in Upper Denham England for the McDonnell Douglas Co. and utilized in the mighty F-4 Phantom.  Sadly the F4's were retired and sadder yet were relegated to the role of QF4 as target drones. But this saga has provided you the opportunity to own a piece of aviation history and the Phantom. Likely the most famous tactical fighter aircraft ever built, over 5,000 F-4 Phantom's have taken flight and now you can own one of the most complex components of them.

Mach 2 Designs presents the Phantom Chair in limited edition.  Each ejection seat has been completely demilitarized and disassembled, sand blasted, welded, powder coated and baked, then reassembled with many original and reconditioned components.  The seats are mounted on water-jet cut half-inch aluminum bases,  with laser cut stainless steel accessories in Phantom motif, and equipped with very high quality embroidered leather fabrication.   Mostly made of military spec. aluminum, some titanium components are incorporated. The ultimate in fighter aircraft seating.



I started Mach 2 Designs after spending seven years as a USAF fighter pilot. Flying the “Phabulous” F-4 Phantom left me fascinated with ejection seats and determined to secure one and design a desk-type chair with it. After several years of evolution the ejection seat chairs I produce are very comfortable and look absolutely striking. While making chairs from a variety of ejection seat types, I also began creating numerous other types of furniture and accessories from both military and civilian aircraft. Having flown light civilian aircraft as both instructor and ferry pilot, tactical fighters, and for twenty-four years as a commercial airline pilot, I have a fascination and appreciation for the machines of flight and for the preservation of their artifacts.

Dan McCarthy
Grand Rapids, Michigan